You are exactly what I was looking for!

Our story began in March 2016 at Krav Maga class in Limerick, Ireland. We were both coming out of a delicate moment in life and we became good friends. After getting to know each other over a few months rolled an unbelievable attraction!

The story goes on... 🙂

Polly & Ja 3
Polly & Ja 7


Krav Maga is the mutual hobby that brought us together and on the Tatami we are constantly learning with each other not just about self-defence but about how to defending our love!
We have learned how to be together, watch each others back and made a decision to fight for and support another person fully and always!

The fight goes on!


Till the Moon and Back...

He made a move... 🙂

After a lovely day out we went for an amazing dinner in a restaurant by the Shannon River in Limerick City. Right! After a full belly comes Polly's favourite part of the story to tell: "we went for a walk enjoying the great view in front of the river. I noticed that he was a bit nervous, sweating and a bit quiet, which is not really himself but we keep going talking and having a great laugh with my brother Fredy (the motherfucker knew the whole thing).
Suddenly, just before he wanted to "ask a question" he reached and tried to pull out the ring from his pocket, but the rig fell out from the box onto the ground and we almost lost it falling into the river!!!! What a shock at that point... 🙂
Srdan reached down for the ring, being confused and even more sweaty and then he decided to kneel down and proposed me." Of course, I said YES!

We have all recorded!! You can ask us to see the video if you want to have a great laugh!

Polly & Ja 6

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